• How do I redeem my code for the free Sign It ASL lessons?

  • Where do I take my Sign It ASL class?

    Go to SignItASL.net (or SignItASL.com and click "My Lessons"). Note: You must be online to take your class.

  • Where can I get my code for Unit 2?

    If you qualified for the free program and received your code for Unit 1, you can request your code for Unit 2 after you've finished taking the Unit 1 lessons. Email foundation@signingtime.com when you're ready!

  • Is there a Sign It ASL app?

    Yes. You don’t need to go to the app store to get it. Follow these directions to install the app onto your Apple or Android devices. Note:You will need to be online to install and use the SignIt ASL app.

  • Why is the free program limited to kids under 3?

    Through the generosity of our partners and donors, we are currently able to make Sign It ASL available to parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing ages 36 months or younger. We'd love to make Sign It ASL available to more families free of charge. Do you know of an organization that would like to help us expand our free distribution? Let us know! Contact us at foundation@signingtime.com.

  • How can I tell others about the free class?

    Thanks or helping us spread the word! We've got graphics you can post on social media and flyers you can print or email. Download them from our Share page.

  • Who created the Sign It ASL online class?