About Rachel Coleman

I am a mother of three beautiful girls. My daughter, Leah, is deaf. I created Signing Time with my sister, Emilie to help my big extended family learn to sign with Leah. That was almost two decades ago!  I love it when parents with deaf or hard of hearing children reach out to me. I can share my story with you, and I get to hear yours. Together we are creating a new reality for our children. They CAN have it ALL!

About the Signing Time Foundation

Our mission is to empower parents to communicate and connect with their deaf child through American Sign Language.  We believe that:

  • language is essential cognitive, linguistic and social development. 
  • ALL deaf children need immediate access to a visual language.
  • ASL is the best first language for deaf children in the US.
  • Deaf children can have it ALL. Children with implants/aids can become fluent in ASL and English. They can be fully-participating members of both the Deaf and hearing communities. 
  • parents need access to unbiased information and a supportive community when making decisions about their deaf child's education.

ABout Sign It ASL

Sign It ASL is a collaborative project of The Signing Time Foundation, Azevedo Studios, and the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM) at Utah State University. Free access to Sign It ASL for children ages 0-36 months is made possible through generous support from the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) and Signing Time Foundation donors.