We Will Not Stop Signing

We Will Not Stop Signing

In 1997, as a parent of a 1 year old, deaf child, I was told, "Don't bother trying to learn ASL, it's too hard and you'll never learn it." It's 20 years later and we're still hearing the same advice. Here's why I will not stop signing. Ever.

The Story of ASL

Deaf History Month

Mental Floss shared this fun video about the story of American Sign Language.  In celebration of Deaf History Month, we are posting it here for YOU. Enjoy!

Psst! If you are a parent living in the U.S. with a child who is deaf or hard of hearing that is 36 months or younger, click here to apply for your free online ASL class. 

The Surprising Origins of ASL

It's Deaf History Month

Do you ever wonder how American Sign Language got started? Watch this video on the history of ASL and learn some surprising facts about this beautiful language. 

Learn American Sign Language Online


(and high school students, too!)


Boost Brain Power: Learn a Language

Bilingual Benefits

Watch this video to find out what researchers have discovered about the powerful brain-boosting benefits of learning a second language for children and adults.

Learning ASL

American Sign Language is a linguistically complete language*. Like English and Spanish, it has its own unique vocabulary, syntax, grammar, idioms, and even dialects. Because ASL is a visual-spatial language, it engages both the left and the right hemisphere during use*

Benefits of Sign Language for Kids

Research shows that learning sign language can have a positive impact on the cognitive development, language development, and social skills for children of all ages and abilities.